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A well landscaped yard can give you an enjoyable and relaxing outdoor extension of your home.
It can add value, curb appeal and most important the place where you, your family and friends can enjoy the outdoors.

Most landscapes are of personal need or desire while other landscapes are out of necessity.
Everyone wants that nice patio to sit on or walk through endless gardens of flowers while others need that retaining wall to prevent erosion or need stairs to access parts of your yard.

Both can have challenges in the sense what would work best for you or the space and what is needed to accomplish the goal.

Creating the landscape of your dreams, making an outdoor space to relax and enjoy your yard or just simply fixing a problem area all need some initial thought.

Gordon’s Landscape will provide you with a service that begins with an initial consultation to help you create a master plan.

So what is a consultation, this is where it should start to determine the wants, needs and necessities.
This is the planning stage – don’t build first then think about it afterwards.
Consulting provides you with a un bias opinion, remember we are not trying to sell you features you don’t need or want.
Some installation companies will tend to lead you to their preferred materials, design or what they like to do best.
Home owners generally to get 3-5 estimates and get 3-5 different opinions about your landscape.

We provide you with some of the overlooked issues that may present themselves later on or things that should be done now vs later.
Planning ahead usually has the better outcome, the space you have and what you want and how the space can give you that.
This stage is where the “big picture” is created and how you are going to get there.

Our consultation includes:

  • On site evaluation to determine what you want, what is needed, the space available to accomplish your goals.
  • Create your master plan
  • We will help you come up with a budget or a realistic amount of your dream yard.
  • Help you select the right contractors and obtain bids and evaluate them to ensure you are comparing apples to apples.

The consultation service is the process to help you through the “big picture” stage, then you have the choice on how much of our consulting services you want.
We can help you through those first steps or all the way to completion of your landscape project with our Project Management services.

Project management is where we work for you and work with the contractors necessary to complete your landscape project.
Our services can offer you a more “worry-free” landscape project by having our experience in your corner.

Prices vary depending on the size of the project.
Fees start at $150

Prices vary depending on the size of the project.
These fees can be determined after the initial consultation if you choose to have us manage the project.

Do it Yourself Home Owner

Many home owners are doing their own landscaping which can save you a lot of money, or cost you a lot of disappoint.

Over the many years we have seen these disappointments and have been called to come fix them. 
Although landscaping isn’t rocket science it can be hard work and can have a higher expectations of failure for the less experienced home owner.
The main difference between  amateurs and professionals is professionals have made all the mistakes already and know what not to do.

Our DIY consulting offers you our professional experience to help you succeed by avoiding failure or disappointment. 

With our help you can be confident that when your friends and family say  “That looks great! ”  they truly mean it.

DIY consulting offers you all the services as mentioned in the above Home Owner section and you can use as much or little of the service as you choose.
We can be there from the initial consultation through the entire project is you wish, or as needed with ongoing support and guidance. If you just have some questions throughout the project, just email or call us. Need us to come out and walk you through certain items or need some hands on guidance, just let us know. Have some concerns that you might not be able to do all of the work yourself, we’ll can get the right people in to complete those items you’re not comfortable doing.

Prices vary depending on the size of the project.
Fees start at $150

Prices vary depending on the size of the project.
These fees can be determined after the initial consultation. 

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